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Health Now! Update - May 8, 2002


The House recently passed a $1 billion revenue package and they are currently debating the budget. Now is the time to call you Representative and urge them to make MassHealth and Tobacco Control priorities. If MassHealth and Tobacco Control programs do not receive restored funding, it would result in the elimination of health coverage for over 50,000 low-income children and adults and undermine the services to many more. Cuts in tobacco control would result in severe reductions in all program areas: media camapaign, research initiatives, outreach, cessation initiatives,
For more detailed information on:
  • MassHealth cuts - Please visit the MassHealth Defense Group.
  • Tobacco Control cuts - Please visit the American Cancer Society


    Suggested script: Hello! My name is__________and I am one of your constituents. I am calling to thank you for passing the revenue package and urge you to appropriate some of that revenue to MassHealth and the DPH/Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program. Please vote "YES" on the following amendments:

    Amendment 1420 - this restores funding to the MassHealth Basic program. Failing to restore this money will result in the elimination of health coverage for over 65,000 of Massachusetts most vulernable residents.

    Amendment 1254 - This restores funding to the Children's Medical Security Plan. If this funding is not restored nearly 5,000 children will lose health coverage. This will force families to rely on more costly and already crowded emergency rooms.

    Amendment 811 - This restores funding to the DPH/Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program to $43.4 million, a 10% reduction from FY02. This program has been estimated to save $85 million a year in health care costs. The program saves lives and saves money.

    If you don't know who your state legislators are, visit the Commonwealth's website<, call your city or town clerk's office or the Secretary of State's Citizen Information Service at 1-800-392-6090.


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