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The Health Now! Massachusetts coalition, part of the Alliance for a Healthy New England, is proposing to pass a 50-cent per pack tobacco tax to significantly expand health coverage for the uninsured, improve public health, reduce youth and adult tobacco use, and address financial problems of providers critical to their communities.

Health Now! will cover approximately 85,000 adults, including low-wage workers, parents of children covered by MassHealth/, and nineteen and twenty year olds who are not dependents.

By raising tobacco taxes, tobacco-related deaths will be reduced by over 8,000 and youth smoking by 8.5%. Youth, minorities, and low-income smokers are two to three times more likely to quit or to smoke less than other smokers in response to price increases. In addition to decreasing tobacco consumption, Health Now! will decrease the Commonwealth's tobacco-related health expenditures. Health Now! also makes quit-smoking treatment a covered benefit under public programs.

The Health Now! Massachusetts campaign is part of the Alliance for a Healthy New England, a six-state effort to increase tobacco taxes and use the proceeds to expand health coverage and promote public health.


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