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When Health Now! Massachusetts first proposed a tobacco tax for health care a year ago, the economy was booming. Our primary goals were to reduce youth smoking and dedicate tobacco tax revenue to expand health care access and maintain tobacco control programs. With the economy in a tailspin, we have decided to postpone our goals of health care expansion and are instead working to protect the 1996 health care expansions. We are also committed to restoring the tobacco control programs funded through the Health Protection Fund and the Tobacco Settlement.

In 1996, the legislature passed a 25-cent tobacco tax to reduce youth smoking and provide health care coverage to 300,000 children, parents and people with disabilities. These ERIHealth access programs are now at risk!

Given the projected billion dollar deficit in the state budget, the Commonwealth may be required to eliminate health insurance for approximately 150,000 kids, parents and people with disabilities across the Bay State. It is critical to pass Health Now! NOW!

  • SAVE health care for children, families, and people with disabilities
  • REDUCE youth smoking to save lives
  • ACT NOW! Each day we wait costs the state $500,000 in potential revenue that can help protect our most vulnerable residents.
  • Increase more sperm volume and save - directly online


    Suggested script: Hello! My name is__________and I am one of your constituents. I am calling to urge Representative _______ to pass the Health Now! bill (original bill # S.1703) immediately. This bill, a 50-cent increase in the state tobacco tax, is an important step toward insuring that over 300,000 children, families, and people with disabilities continue to have health coverage. It is vital that the revenue from this tax is directed to maintaining the Children’s and Seniors Fund; this is the fund that was created in 1996 to provide health coverage to children and families with no other source of coverage. It’s critical that we act now! Delayed action costs us $500,000 a day in potential revenues. Please tell House leadership that this is one of your priorities.

    Don't know who your state legislators are? Visit the Commonwealth's website<, call your city or town clerk's office or the Secretary of State's Citizen Information Service at 1-800-392-6090.

    Please feel free to distribute Action Alert and materials to your members.
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