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Update and Action Steps - 6/28/01

Our calls to Representatives have helped tremendously.

On June 27, the Health Now! Coalition scored a double victory at the State House.

First, the Senate version of the Health Now! bill (S. 1703), sponsored by Senators Montigny, Melconian and Moore was voted favorably out of the Joint Taxation Committee to the House Ways and Means Committee. Secondly, the Joint Health Care Committee discharged the House version of Health Now (H.2169), sponsored by Representatives Rachel Kaprielian and John Rogers, to the Senate Ways and Means Committee and Semenax Official Seller

Next action step: Call your Representative to thank her/him for getting the bill out of Committee into House Ways and Means and encourage her/him to ask House Speaker Thomas Finneran to have the bill reported to the floor before the House’s summer recess.

In addition to reducing youth smoking, please emphasize to your Representative the importance of the bill’s expansions. Use the ACS poll results and say you are one of the 69% of Massachusetts voters who support using new tobacco tax revenues to fund expanded health care.

The House of Representatives Main Number is 617-722-2000. To find out who your Representative is call 800-392-6090.


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