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Update - September 18, 2001

UPDATE FROM THE HOUSE - Rep. Rachel Kaprielian, our Lead House Sponsor joined our coalition meeting to thank all members for their hard work and dedication. She indicated that there is good support in the House, and asked us for our help in continuing our grassroots and legislative efforts. She has written a letter which she has asked all Health Now! supporters to sign, and asked Coalition members to call their own Reps and ask them to sign onto this letter. If you are interested in seeing a copy of this letter, please contact Rep. Rachel Kaprielian at 617/722-2220. Don’t forget to thank her for her dedication to Health Now!.

UPDATE FROM THE SENATE - Noah Berger, Chief Policy Advisor to Senate President Birmingham and Tom Dehner, Counsel to Senate Ways & Means, and Emily Ericson, Senate Ways & Means Health Analyst, attended our coalition meeting representing Senate President Birmingham and Senate Ways & Means Chairman/Lead Senate Sponsor Mark Montigny. They thanked our coalition for its continued hard work and shared that Senate leaders are hard at work on our bill and are hoping to report our Health Now! legislation out of Senate Ways and Means to the Senate Floor before the end of September. (Interestingly enough, the Health Now! bill currently before Senate Ways and Means is H.2169, sponsored by Representatives Kaprielian and Rogers and 44 other Reps.)


Urge Senators to support Health Now! – Send an organizational letter to the entire Senate asking for their support of Health Now. Click here for a sample letter.

Some legislators have not yet signed Rep. Rachel Kaprielian’s letter. Please contact your representative and encourage him/her to call Rep. Kaprielian and sign onto the Endorser Letter.

The Health Now! Coalition stands outside the House Chambers with Lead House Sponsor, Representative Rachel Kaprielian.


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