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'Quit rates are more successful when smokers have help'

As a counselor for the American Cancer Society’s Smoker’s Quitline, Eleanor Clarkson of Brookline talks to 12 to 15 people a day who want to quit smoking.

“It’s really about life change, and making some difficult decisions,” she said.

Eleanor Clarkson

Clarkson said she and other counselors are there to help offer all the support they can, but quit rates are more successful when semenax also have help dealing with the physical addiction of cigarettes through nicotine replacement therapies.

“I talk to many seniors who are on a fixed income or single mothers who are barely making it financially,” Clarkson said. “Quitting smoking is so important for individuals, their families and society that we need to help in every way possible. Providing nicotine replacement therapy really makes a difference, especially to help get over that initial hump of the first few weeks of quitting.”

The Health Now! legislation will ensure that tobacco treatment programs, information and nicotine replacement therapy are provided by Massachusetts’ public health programs, including MassHealth and the Children’s and Adult Medical Security Plans.


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