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Sample Phone Script

CALLING YOUR STATE LEGISLATORS: Your calls are important between now and July 31. 2001. Please take 5 minutes to make your two calls now. Place one call to your State Senator, and one to your State Representative, asking them to support the bill. (See the sample phone script below.)

If you don't know who your state legislators are, you can either call your city or town clerk's office, call the Secretary of State's Citizen Information Service at 1-800-392-6090, or check on their web site at
Main Numbers: Senate is 617-722-1455, House is 617-722-2000. Ask to be connected to your legislator's office. Once connected, tell them your name, and identify yourself as a constituent. If you are unable to speak with your legislator directly, ask to speak with a staff person or ask to leave a detailed message with the person who answers the phone.

Please make your calls as soon as possible! If possible, call one of the contacts below to let us know if you have information about commitments or questions from legislators. Thank you!


"Hi, my name is _____________________ and I live in______________________(city/town)

I hope you can support An Act to Expand Access to Health Care, Reduce Youth Smoking and the Use of Tobacco Products, and Improve Public Health in the Commonwealth. (Senate bill number 1703 and House Bill number 2169, sponsored by Senator Mark Montigny in the Senate and Representative Rachel Kaprielian in the House.

The bill would raise the state's tobacco excise tax by 50 cents per pack and the money would go toward expanding health care access to 85,000 uninsured people, support for community health outreach and ensuring coverage for quit smoking programs.

Over 10,000 people die every year in Massachusetts due to smoking. A tobacco tax increase is the single most effective thing we can do to quickly reduce tobacco consumption, especially among youth.

I feel strongly about this issue because _______________________.

Please contact your colleagues, Senator Mark Montigny in the Senate and Representative Rachel Kaprielian in the House, for more information about this legislation."

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